Episode 8

Ep. 8 How To Embrace Messy Life Transitions w/ Tiffany Lanier

Published on: 9th February, 2022

In this episode, Joy has a candid conversation with Tiffany Lanier on navigating and embracing messy life transitions. Tiffany is the leading voice in personal growth, change, and wellbeing. As a Public Speaker, Facilitator, and Founder of The Morning Shift Co, Tiffany helps individuals and organizations initiate personal and collective change through intentional morning experiences that support how they live, lead and work. Tiffany lives by a very simple yet potent motto: Live Purposefully and Lead Consciously. 

Her life motto certainly rings true throughout our conversation. After navigating postpartum depression, launching a business, and a cross country move, Tiffany found herself mourning the loss of her former self and searching for a way to reconcile her new role as mother and thriving entrepreneur. Today she shares lessons on embracing life transitions, how a morning routine changed her life, why she decided to extend maternity leave despite loving her work, and her waiting to exhale moment. We also laugh our way through advice she'd give her younger self.

What  to Listen For:

  • Navigating post-partum depression, entrepreneurship, and cross country moves 1:05
  • The question that changed her life 6:00
  • What led her to rediscover her life during 
  • Going through identity death 14:30 
  • Coming to terms with new identity after motherhood 14:45
  • Strategies for coping with changing role identity 17:17
  • Giving grace with transitions 20:13
  • The practice of learning to rest 23:03
  • Overworking as internalized trauma 26:33
  • Making the conscious decision to pause and extend maternity leave 32:35
  • Giving herself the opportunity to be present 35:12
  • Her “Waiting to Exhale’ Moment 36:40
  • Advice to her younger self 42:33
  • What she absolutely makes space for 48:55

Where to Find Tiffany:

Website: www.themorningshift.co and livewithtiffany.com

IG: @Livewithtiffany

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiffanylanier/

Books + Resources Mentioned:

I Can't Wait to Vote by Tiffany Lanier

The Politics of Trauma

Breathwork Certification

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Instagram: @joyfullyblk

Email: joyfullyblk@gmail.com

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